Indian multinational hospitality chain OYO has revealed plans to recruit more than 300 technology professionals in the coming six months.

The recruitment drive will support the company’s efforts to transform into a complete-stack technology provider for small and mid-sized hotels and homes worldwide.

The available entry-level to senior leadership roles include software development, engineering and product managers, designers, and data scientists.

OYO has already recruited more than 50 mid-level tech talent and around 150 campus recruits from major universities in the country.

It is currently in the process of introducing them into the organisation. The hotel aggregator expects to issue around 100 offers in the coming placement season.

In addition, the company stated that more than 100 OYOpreneurs have already been reinstated back to OYO. It has plans to bring more OYOpreneurs in the next six months.

OYO chief technology officer Ankit Mathuria said: “We’ve been blessed to have a diverse pool of tech talent and believe that each new bright mind will bring gripping ideas to the table, ultimately leading towards our goal to build a tech-first global platform that truly sets the tone for the future of travel.

“We welcome passionate talent that’s looking for opportunities to make a real difference and fuel the next wave of growth for OYO. We promise an enabling working environment and an opportunity to experiment and innovate.”

Separately, US technology firm Microsoft has reportedly invested $5m in the SoftBank-backed firm.

Last month, OYO raised a Term Loan B (TLB) funding, worth $660m, from global institutional investors.

The company is planning to launch an initial public offering (IPO) in the country this year.