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The plastic problem: phasing out single-use toiletries in hotels

Tiny bottles of toiletries are a staple part of the traditional hotel experience, but following heavy criticism over single-use plastic, hoteliers are slowly beginning to phase out these individual amenities in favour of bulk items. But how big is the single-use problem in hotels, and how can hotels maintain a luxury aesthetic with sustainable items?

Pod people: the rise of capsule hotels

Originally made famous in Japan in the 1970s, tiny low-budget sleep spaces, known as ‘pod hotels’, have begun to appear in locations around the world. But, what is fuelling demand for this no-frills guest experience, and how will the trend develop moving forward?

Selling time: the benefits of converting historic buildings into hotels

Historical buildings make for unique selling points that can draw guests from far and wide. The St Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London is a key example of how a building can be transformed from an outdated and expensive space into a popular tourist destination. But, what does it take to breathe new life into protected structures? We find out.

E is for eating: Interview with Tom Parker-Bowles

Tom Parker-Bowles has put his ‘wild child’ days behind him and earned a reputation as one of the UK’s most respected food critics

Warsaw: an optimistic outlook

Two decades after the Iron Curtain fell, Peter Bierwirth looks at hospitality in Warsaw ahead of major football championships

Cybercomfort: embracing technology in hotels

The Eccleston Square Hotel has been touted as the most high-tech in Europe. Rod James takes a look at what is on display.

Worlds within worlds: Ian Schrager’s Edition portfolio

Produced in collaboration with Marriott, Schrager’s Edition portfolio is rigorously design-led, we look at Istanbul.

Hotels take the LEED on sustainability

The global influence of the LEED certification system and adoption of green practices have helped define a green hotel

Invest for success: conference debuts to acclaim

The first Hot.E conference took place in London in September with an opportunity for industry leaders to talk business

A cut above: Wolfgang Puck on his culinary success both sides of the Atlantic

Arguably the most successful chef in history, Wofgang Puck has now arrived to work his magic in London.