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Socially apped: Mobile apps for business-savvy hotels

Searching for hotels online is a slow process for the new generation travellers. They need mobile apps at their finger-tips if they are to book a night stay or review your hotel. Sarah Blackman lists some of the best applications in the business which are designed to help hotels increase revenue and improve customer loyalty.

Social shift: The changing roles of hotel leaders

Social media is having a huge impact on hotels’ internal management structures. Sarah Blackman asks Tyzack Associates’ David Dumeresque if the industry is prepared for this.

Setting new standards: the world’s most progressive hotels

Hoteliers the world over are setting the industry trend with their unusual design concepts. Sarah Blackman gathers together some of the most bizarre and eccentric properties existing today.

Actively healthy hospitality

A key driver for profit growth, wellness is the new name of the game in the hotel industry. Most travellers are now attracted to spas, workout programmes and healthy restaurant menus rather than standard accommodation and indulgent foods when planning their getaway. Sarah Blackman looks into how hotels are meeting their guest’s expectations.