Today AB Orwak is announcing the change of its legal company name to Tomra Compaction AB; the reason being the ongoing brand transformation within the TOMRA Group, of which it is a part.

Why the name change?

In 2012 TOMRA launched a new brand strategy uniting all companies in the group under the same mission and vision and promoting one strong brand. As a unified company, the brand will be stronger when it comes to providing concepts and systems that embrace and consider its partners, the own people, and society at large. As a natural step in the process of reflecting the unity and the dedication to the brand, all companies in the group shall be registered under a company name containing "Tomra".

The choice of the new company name was obvious to Orwak, as it is already forming the business stream Tomra Compaction within the TOMRA Group.

What does the name change mean?

For almost a year, Orwak has already marketed itself under the brand Tomra Compaction and the new company name does not bring about any significant changes in practice. The company is the same legal entity as before, operating under the same organizational number and all contact information besides the company name remains the same. For consistency, Orwak Group AB simultaneously changes its name to Tomra Compaction Group AB.

Orwak will live on as the product name

Orwak will continue to be the product name and the machines will remain orange, as the color is a very strong and vital part of the customers’ identification of the products. The name change to Tomra Compaction AB does not change the core of the product identity, only strengthening the market presence further through the new brand strategy.