On 1 October Nevron launched its new corporate web portal www.nevron.eu, focusing on the IPTV industry with an emphasis on hotel IPTV solutions, content and services.

Along with a presentation of Nevron’s IPTV products, the aim of the web page is also to highlight the benefits and purposes of implementing IPTV solutions / systems for a specific client group / industry.

Detailed product presentations

The renovated Nevron web portal introduces a new line of Nevron IPTV products and their most advanced features. Nevron’s next-generation IPTV products for the hotel industry represent a totally new dimension for these kinds of solutions. The TV portal’s GUI attractiveness, response times, speed and modularity are far beyond the IPTV solutions known today.

Product presentations consist of various materials, including detailed technical information, pictures, system diagrams and other relevant content.

IPTV client segmentation

On the other hand, the new web portal focuses on client segmentation, with content describing the benefits and purposes of IPTV solution/system implementation for specific client industries.

The hospitality industry – hotel TV

Nevron IPTV solutions are especially focused on the hospitality industry, which covers clients such as hotels, tourist resorts, boutique hotels, apartments, villas and other accommodation facilities.

The guest satisfaction level is all that counts

The current hotel business environment is increasingly competitive. Hotel managers are constantly striving to improve guest satisfaction, while the guest’s expectations for special care and personalised treatment are ever-increasing. The hospitality and accommodation industry is challenged to recognise guests’ needs soon enough and fulfil these needs in the most professional manner.

Nevron introduces the next-generation hotel TV system

Nevron’s next-generation hotel TV system is a great choice for accommodation providers to fulfil guests’ basic expectations and to increase the comfort of their stay in the hotel. It represents a perfect tool to spoil their guests even more, to make their stay more comfortable, to increase the level of their satisfaction and finally to convert them into faithful guests.

Support for additional hotel revenue streams

On the other hand, the Nevron hotel TV system enables the establishment of additional revenue streams by providing new payable services and especially with the promotion of existing hotel services and facilities that enhance hotel profits and reduce operational expenses.

Contact Nevron

Please contact Nevron or visit the new web portal to find out why you should implement IPTV in your hotel.