Next Hotel Rivoli Jardin, a small, boutique hotel in Helsinki, Finland, has adopted Quadriga’s Sensiq to help support its strategy to increase guest loyalty while keeping room rates competitive. Set in the heart of the city, with a majority of business guests, Rivoli Jardin is
using Sensiq to provide its own guest communications portal accessed via the TV, allowing easy communication with guests after they have checked in.

The Rivoli Jardin’s business approach is to provide competitively priced rooms, by keeping investment in additional guest facilities to a minimum. Although it provided breakfast, guests needed to visit local restaurants for their evening meal. With a growing number of local hotels to choose from however, the hotel needed their guests to be reminded of the benefits
of staying at the Rivoli Jardin.

The hotel was looking to enhance its level of customer service with the new communications portal, by providing guests with relevant information about the local area. Today, Next Hotel Rivoli Jardin is able to communicate to guests via the in-room TV a 10% discount for
three partner restaurants: Restaurant Rivoli, Trattoria Rivoletto and Bellevue, so improving communication, promoting partner organisations under the same umbrella company of Next Hotels and driving new revenue opportunities for their umbrella business.

Merja Koski, general manager at the hotel, explains: “Quadriga has enabled us to achieve our business objectives and those of the Next Hotel chain. Sensiq is opening up a new world of valuable communication and revenue opportunities for us, and ensuring that we can
provide a competitive guest experience.”

The ability to create a customised design for its guest communications portal in line with the hotel’s brand identity has also proved beneficial as it becomes part of the Next Group of hotels. By tailoring the portal the hotel embodies its new parent group branding, while remaining loyal to its own distinctive character.

“Sensiq is not only providing a new revenue generation channel by linking with local partners, it is also giving guests a good range of ideas to help them make the most of their stay in the city. As many of these partners are also owned by our parent company, in the future it will also allow the group to benefit commercially,” adds Koski.

Roger Taylor, CEO at Quadriga, concludes: “The challenge faced by the Next Hotel Rivoli Jardin is not uncommon. Hotels are under growing pressure to offer guests the latest
technology to access relevant information and content, but in a commercially viable way. Quadriga’s technology has been the enabler for the Next Hotel Rivoli Jardin to successfully address both of these business challenges in partnership with the hotel.”