In recent years, despite major changes in the market, MAISON&OBJET PARIS has enjoyed a degree of stability that is highly unusual in the trade-show world.

Today, more than half of MAISON&OBJET PARIS visitors come from abroad and are responsible for about 80% of the event’s transactions. This new visitor profile has redefined the boundaries of the home fashion and lifestyle market.

The objective of MAISON&OBJET PARIS has always been to serve the profession by maintaining a clear vision of future developments in the realm. Based on these indicators, after careful observation and deliberate planning over several shows, MAISON&OBJET PARIS is now redistributing its various sectors in the show’s Halls with a structure that fosters synergies and anticipates consumer trends.

The result is that, as of September, 70% of MAISON&OBJET PARIS exhibitors will be relocated.

At a time when MAISON&OBJET’s international objectives are taking concrete form with the introduction of MAISON&OBJET ASIA and MAISON&OBJET AMERICAS, and while the international specifier market serves as a driving force for the décor sectors, this new floor plan is an unquestionably positive development for exhibitors and visitors alike.

Halls 1 through 4: ethnic chic.MIC and textile join interior decoration into a single home décor hub

The interior decoration sector has been the focus of this re-evaluation over the last few shows, to lay the groundwork for the September changes. This scrutiny has led to a dramatic revitalisation of Hall 4 in the last three years. These changes were needed to help exhibitors find new growth catalysts with the specifier markets and offset a decrease in orders from traditional distribution networks.

Faced with the same need to expand its circle of contacts beyond specialty shops, the textile sector is also changing: its growth is now found elsewhere, particularly in décor boutiques with more diverse, cross-disciplinary offers and specifiers with global projects.

As a result, starting in September, textile will join the expanded interior decoration sector, which will also encompass the ethnic chic.MIC sector. Textile exhibitors will physically remain in Hall 2, but will be promoted in such a way as to feature mixed offers and collections consistent with a décor-focused atmosphere.

cook+design takes centre stage at MAISON&OBJET PARIS

Similar to the textile sector, the cook+design sector has been a prisoner of its show heritage. It has maintained the profile of an industry show at MAISON&OBJET PARIS, though its identity and offer have altered greatly over the last two decades.

The rigid presentation of concepts in entertaining and tableware has given way to more everyday displays, the kitchen has become a room of greater social focus, just as cooking is now a creative hobby. The name cook+design is proof of these upheavals that have generated opportunities for the sector with concept stores and hospitality.

Now spread over Halls 5A and 6, cook+design joins and complements the home accessories area.

The cook+design exhibitors will meet new types of buyers for whom visiting the show will be easier and more streamlined. Nevertheless, the sector maintains close ties with interior decoration and craft, l’espace métiers d’art, to make networking easier for businesses catering to specifiers. Exhibitors targeting buyers from distribution will therefore be directly connected to Hall 6, which spotlights objects.

Design, luxury and savoir-faire share Halls 7 and 8

Buoyed by an outstanding growth dynamic, now! design à vivre will leave Hall 8 to enjoy more room for its continued expansion.

In September, it will join scènes d’intérieur in Hall 7 to reconnect with the synergy they shared for several years. This reshuffling will enhance the visibility and development of the MAISON&OBJET| projets |show, which will now be in Hall 8, presenting an offer of technical solutions with high added creative value.

This new layout satisfies the needs of the specifier industry and makes the itinerary more logical and streamlined for buyers. It redistributes the offer to better cross- promote complementary consumer worlds and turns any visit to MAISON&OBJET PARIS into an experience of ever-renewed inspiration.