Hotel President Wilson, Switzerland is providing the ultimate guest experience by introducing a new way of communicating with guests in their room via Quadriga’s Sensiq solution, complemented by the highest quality Bang & Olufsen LCD screens.

The hotel’s 1,680m² Royal Penthouse Suite, which costs 75,000 Swiss Francs (€58,000) to stay in per night, offers an outstanding guest entertainment experience. It is one of only three hotels in the world to include the BeoVision 4-103 from Bang & Olufsen, one of the world’s largest televisions measuring 103in — providing an unrivalled cinema and entertainment experience in both vision and sound. The hotel selected Quadriga’s Sensiq guest communications portal solution to complement this state-of-the-art AV technology. Both brands have worked closely with the hotel to deliver a superior guest experience and reinforce the Hotel President Wilson’s luxurious brand.

The lavish Hotel President Wilson is located on the lakeshore, with spectacular panoramic views of Lake Geneva and the famous ‘jet d’eau’. This luxurious venue has been fully renovated and is one of Geneva’s most contemporary hotels. The suite occupies the entire eighth floor of the Hotel President Wilson. It boasts a fitness area, a jacuzzi with views of Mont Blanc, 12 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, a 250m² salon, a Steinway grand piano and private terrace.

As part of this renovation, all 180 rooms and 48 suites in the hotel are equipped with bespoke AV technology from Bang & Olufsen, ensuring that all hotel guests are offered an unparalleled experience. The BeoVision 4-103, situated within the Royal Penthouse Suite, features a stand that has been uniquely engineered to elevate the screen at the touch of a button. Simultaneously, BeoLab 10, a bespoke speaker system, emerges from under the screen to ensure a superior sound quality. The screen can also tilt forward to ensure the best viewing position.

To support the hotel’s aims of providing a truly differentiated offer, delivering the ultimate guest experience and reinforcing its luxurious brand, Quadriga worked with the Hotel President Wilson to tailor Sensiq to reflect their unique brand as well as to integrate their own specific content to promote their services and hotel facilities directly on the TV to guests in their rooms. This includes the Bayview and Arabesque restaurants, its choice of relaxing bars and lounges and its superb leisure facilities and spa. In addition to the hotel services, guests can access information about how to get the most out of their stay in Geneva.

Charles Tamman, owner and chairman at Hotel President Wilson, explains: “As part of my ongoing quest for higher excellence, we have recently completed a multi-million euro transformation of the hotel. Thanks to our work with Quadriga and Bang & Olufsen, the Hotel President Wilson is without a doubt a unique place and each visit is an unforgettable experience. It is one of the finest and most state-of-the-art hotels in Geneva.”

“The Hotel President Wilson is exclusive, grand and luxurious, and it was essential that it selected an in-room guest communications solution to fully reflect this image,” explains Marc Budie, technology director at Quadriga. “Quadriga will build on its successful relationship with the hotel though the installation of Sensiq, a powerful communications platform. This will enable the Hotel President Wilson to create its own unique information and entertainment guest portal for the in-room TV. Sensiq ensures that the hotel can deliver the ultimate guest experience, fully supporting its exclusive brand image, while providing guests with all the information and content they may need during their stay.”

Flemming Nielsen, managing director of Bang & Olufsen Enterprise, comments: “The Hotel President Wilson’s quest for higher excellence matches perfectly to the essential values of Bang & Olufsen and together we are able to create an unforgettable guest experience. We are proud that the Hotel President Wilson has once again chosen Bang & Olufsen to be its AV partner. In addition to fitting customised AV solutions in each of the 228 guest rooms at the hotel, the solution for the Royal Penthouse Suite is outstanding and embraces the essence of the space with impressive sound and picture experiences delivered by a range of our products. The BeoVision 4-103 will without doubt be a unique experience that adds an extra dimension to the concept of room service, even when switched off.”

Click the ‘BeoVision 4-103 at Hotel President Wilson’ link at the bottom of Bang & Olufsen’s profile to see pictures of the BeoVision 4-103 being lifted into the hotel and in place in the suite.