The most popular and sought-after hotel television from Bang & Olufsen, BeoVision 7-40, has been blessed with a big sister at 55in. This makes it possible for hotels to increase in-room entertainment pleasure by 15in.

BeoVision 7-55 is an extremely versatile full HD TV solution offering the latest in 55in LED-backlight technology with local dimming and scanning backlight.

BeoVision 7-55 is suitable for both rooms and luxury suites, where the motorised stand will turn the unique viewing experience towards the chosen seat by a click on the remote. The screen size also makes the TV a perfect option for larger audiences in public areas such as lounges and bars.

Freedom in placement

As one of the few flat screens in the world designed for floor placement, BeoVision 7-55 still offers extensive flexibility for the viewer’s position. Although conceived as a dedicated floor option, the choice between a low and a high motorised floor stand, and a fixed close to the wall bracket solution allows for the hotel interior designer’s expression, regardless of whether BeoVision 7–55 is central to a surround-sound setup in a large suite or is used in a room as a stand-alone television.

The available colour palette further adds to this flexibility.

Technology for the people

BeoVision 7-55 integrates the sophisticated Bang & Olufsen video engine, offering some of the best video signal processing on the market. In addition, Bang & Olufsen has incorporated double frame rate technology, also known as 100/120Hz, with motion compensation and a scanning backlight. These technologies significantly reduce the inherent blur of LCD technology that typically makes the facial expressions in fast-moving pictures such as sports events almost invisible. With BeoVision 7-55, the hotel can give their guests a sharp and clear picture even in fast-moving scenes.

The TV contains state-of-the-art features ensuring a smooth picture performance and a sophisticated digital surround sound module, and is one of the very few flatscreen TVs in the world to have an integrated Blu-ray player.

“We believe that BeoVision 7-55 gives excellence, simplicity and elegance to the physical form, from the velvety feel of soft-touch lacquer to the silent, graceful movement of the disc loader. The choice of materials and colours, as well as the craftsman’s constant attention to detail, make this TV much more than the sum of its parts,” says Mr Ole Moltsen, senior product manager.

The BeoVision 7-55 is easy to use from the very first time the hotel guest picks up the remote control. The remote can even be tailor-made to interface with the hotel’s service system and the specific electronic interior of each room.

Extended sound performance

Despite its relatively flat appearance, BeoVision 7-55 offers amazing sound performance. Built with Active Loudspeaker Technology, the matching stereo loudspeaker BeoLab 7-6 contains six 125 ICEpower amplifiers in a three-way bass reflex speaker system. The loudspeaker is equipped with thermal protection circuits and adaptive bass linearisation (ABL), which ensures that the loudspeaker can perform without distortion even at a very high volume.

If you are looking for a tailor-made surround sound setup, the dedicated centre channel speaker, BeoLab 7-4, based on the Bang & Olufsen Acoustic Lens Technology, will be the perfect solution. So whatever your individual requirements, BeoVision 7-55 provides the best sound experience in all kinds of situations.

Ready for the guest room of tomorrow

It’s a fact that an increasing number of hotel guests bring along their own equipment for entertainment and work, expecting the hotel television to interface with their demands.

Whatever the traveller may bring – camera, laptop or iPod – it can easily be connected to BeoVision 7-55. All it takes is a user-friendly connectivity panel which can be placed wherever it is most suitable and discreet. Furthermore, the TV can also be interfaced with the hotel system provider solution, making it ready for films, internet, email, music systems, photo displays and hotel billing and services.