GuestDelight provides complete guest communication for hotels. By using advanced guest management software, a direct connection can be made with hotel guests.

The hotel management software can be used for reputation management and to maintain a relationship with a guest.

The hotel guest CRM software from GuestDelight has been developed based on the experiences and needs of the hoteliers. The system is an excellent application to gain insight into the wishes and needs of hotel guests and to stay informed of all trends in the dynamic world of hotel marketing. After all, the main objective of this software is to maintain contact with guests and to offer these people an unforgettable experience during their stay. With this, lasting relationships can be built with the guests, which of course will considerably increase the chance of a repeat visit.

Hotel marketing software

GuestDelight creates a direct connection between the hotel manager and his guests, without being dependent on a third party. Contact can be made with both former guests, current guests and future guests. Every aspect of a guest experience is brought within reach.

The hotel marketing software is fully designed based on the wishes and objectives of the hotel. This allows communication to take place in the style of the hotel and this will generate a form of recognition and trust. This naturally ensures the maximum return.

Hotel guest CRM software

The advanced Hotel guest CRM software offers complete guest communication in which a 360° service can be realised in the most proactive way. The platform is applicable and usable on all possible devices. Of course, the latest version of the GuestDelight platform fully complies with the rules and legislation as described in the GDPR, the privacy law that entered into force in May 2018.

The important benefits of guest management software

A tailor-made guest management software is an absolute must to be able to run a hotel or B&B in a smooth, effective but above all efficient manner. It is an appropriate key to success. The CRM package has several important advantages.

One of the most important benefits is the time factor. The system not only takes a lot of administrative tasks off your hands, but also ensures a significant reduction of errors regarding double reservations, misunderstandings or delays at check-in. The system can also be used to track payments, offer guest support, and ensure easy integration with popular credit card services. The software can even be linked to social media platforms so that guests can also book via this channel.

In addition, the guest management software ensures an excellent experience before, during and after the stay. The welcome e-mail, which is sent two to four days before arrival, contains all the information that is required to make a stay an unforgettable experience.

The Follow Up Mail is sent 24 hours after the departure of the guests. Optimal use is made of OneClick Monitoring®. This is a unique application with which the hotel can proactively take control and work on the online reputation of the hotel. This will increase the feedback figure considerably.

With the help of GuestDelight’s e-mailing tools, the hotel can easily stay in direct contact with guests. This hotel marketing software makes the most advanced e-mailing tool superfluous and proves how easy it is to stay in touch and communicate with guests. The time-consuming importing and exporting of lists are all a thing of the past.

The great value of effective hotel management software

An effective hotel management software will be of great value every day. The system is indispensable for reducing daily manual functions and improving the overall experience of your guests. The right software also helps improve the general awareness of your company in combination with online visibility.

The Guest management software will also be of great value in implementing a good income management system. It is a useful application in creating a highly effective room rate strategy to maximise the revenue of the hotel.

The most important characteristic of a good hotel management system is to increase your bookings in the long term and to build a strong relationship with hotel guests from the past, the present and the future. With just one GuestDelight software package, every aspect of the optimal guest experience is within reach. The guest management software package can also provide a report which proves the fantastic results of the system.