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This week has seen the first test flight of Vertical Aerospace’s VX4, an electric air taxi. The rotor-powered craft has been in development since 2016 and promises top speeds of 322kmh and a range of over 160km. 

The company is clearly pleased with the development, promising that ‘Electric flight is within reach.’ However, the vehicle remains limited by speed constraints, having travelled at 70kmh, less than one tenth the speed of a Boeing 747-400. 

Some people are unconvinced that electric vehicles are the solution to aerospace emissions, with USF lawyer Tiffany C. Li placing the blame on corporations instead. 

In other aerospace news, Qatar Airways has launched a route to Airbus’ home city of Toulouse, which Sarin & Co’s head of operations suggests shows that their old dispute is buried.  

Finally, epidemiologist Eric Feigl-Ding highlights cleanliness concerns on cruise ships as norovirus outbreaks reach new heights.