Artificial intelligence (AI) is going to effect almost a fifth of jobs at the highest level of exposure, according to research by leading jobs platform Indeed.

Indeed Hiring Lab, a team formed within the company to provide economic research into the global labour market, found that “all jobs face some potential exposure to GenAI-driven change”.

Indeed’s AI at Work report, released in September, found that almost a fifth (19.8%) of jobs face the highest level of potential exposure, while over a third (34.6%) face the lowest potential exposure.

The global recruitment giant has over 350 million people interacting with its recruitment products every month.

Filippo Bonsanti, VP of global marketing at Indeed, said on Tuesday (17 October), that every single job will be transformed by AI in some way, and it’s already begun.

During his keynote speech at Unleash World 2023 in Paris, Bonsanti discussed how the company was using AI to help employers and potential employees.

Bonsanti said the company’s research pointed to some jobs going away and more being created.

“It’s just about making sure we use AI in our favour as much as we can,” Bonsanti said. 

“We can do very big things with AI, it’s just about making sure we use the technology in the service of us,” he added. 

Bonsanti believes one of the most dangerous impacts of AI is its ability to be biassed. 

“The technology we create is a reflection of the creators, and we are the creators,” Bonsanti said. 

He added: “‘If we have biases, the technology we create will have biases and we have to be aware of that.”

Bonsanti said Indeed had formed a cross functional team placed purely in charge of overseeing every AI algorithm in use.

“There are over 100 algorithms that are running at the same time everytime you interact with search or interact with our website,” he said.

Adding: “We want the machine to become better than us, not just a vague copy of us.”

Indeed is currently using AI in a number of ways to “make job connections faster, simpler and more human,’ Bonsanti said.

For employers, Indeed is using its AI to provide reccomended salaries to posted positions – for advice on how to price a new role in a company.

The company also reccomends job applicants for positions, showing employers potential employees based on their profile.

From a job seeker perspective, those looking for work get reccomended jobs based on their CV and skills.

Jobs reccomended by Indeed lead to 55% more applications than Google searches, according to Bonsanti.