Curator Hotel & Resort Collection has joined Avendra in an exclusive partnership that offers Avendra’s purchasing solutions and eProcurement services to hotel owners/operators in the Curator collection.

Curator is a group of independent hotels and resorts launched by Pebblebrook Hotel Trust and six hotel operators in 2020, while Avendra is a hospitality procurement services provider with over two decades of experience.

Avendra claimed that its clients can not only opt from a range of programme bundles such as FF&E (furniture, fixtures, and equipment), and services contracts, but also stand to leverage best pricing and contract terms from over 1,200 suppliers. It caters to over 8,500 hospitality customers and over 500 luxury and lifestyle hotels in North & Central America and the Caribbean regions.

Avendra’s programme will enable Curator members to have access to over $14bn in leveraged expenditure to streamline operations, enhance their bottom line, and enrich guest experience.

Curator aims to improve profitability and operating performance of small and independent lifestyle brands.

Curator vice-president Austin Segal said: “We selected Avendra for their platinum-level supply chain solutions. Their programmes, proven systems, and hospitality-focused expertise are core to Curator’s mission. They are exciting additions to Curator’s growing array of offerings as we continue to deliver access and savings to our member hotels.

“We are delighted to partner with Avendra to offer a compelling procurement solution for our members. As partners, the combination of Curator’s direct programmes and Avendra’s proven solutions will provide cost-savings on goods and services to our independent hotel owners and operators while also allowing them to maintain their unique identity and deliver one-of-a-kind guest experiences.”

Avendra Business Development & Customer Success senior vice-president Walt Sheffler said: We are honoured to be selected by Curator for our procurement expertise in this segment. Whether it’s the finest cuts of meat or unique spa amenities, our client-services mindset and customised approach to procurement ensure owners and operators have the resources and expertise they need to bring their unique story to life efficiently and economically.”