Crown Group has opened its new Skye Suites hotel in Green Square, Sydney, following a surge in demand for longer-term stays amid the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

The hotel was originally was to open in July.

Its luxury serviced studios, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments are now available for minimum 90-day stays in the $575m Infinity by Crown Group building.

Crown Group chief executive Iwan Sunito has been quoted as saying by Commercial Real Estate: “We see a lot of hotels closing down at the moment, but we’ve experienced a lot of demand for longer-stay accommodation.

“A lot of corporations are bringing back their business leaders from overseas, from locations in Europe, Asia and the US they feel aren’t as safe as here.

“These people are looking for places for three months or more to stay, without having to lock into six months, or to wait two to four weeks for leases to be signed. In addition, we’re seeing demand from medical professionals who don’t want to be with their families at this time to put them at risk.”

As per the latest report, Skye Residences admitted its first guest on  12 April.

The residences provide kitchens and laundries, flat-screen TVs. Furthermore, the guests will be able to order home delivery from nearby restaurants.

The shorter-stay rooms at Skye Suites Green Square are expected to open later.

This is Skye Suites’ third hotel after its Parramatta site opened in 2017 as part of the mixed-use residential, retail and hotel development.