Hong Kong is likely to soon cut down the amount of time international travellers need to spend in compulsory hotel quarantine, Bloomberg reported, citing people familiar with the matter.

Although the officials were expected to make an announcement today, it has now been postponed to 8 July at the earliest. This is because parameters regarding the cut down on the time for compulsory hotel quarantine are yet to be decided.

Hong Kong needs people to test negative for Covid within 48 hours of departure and on arrival.

Travellers are required to spend a week isolated in a hotel to ensure that the Covid-19 infection has not been missed during the incubation period.

The stringent rules have curbed visitors to the financial hub in Asia.

These have also created international travel difficult for people living in the city.

The South China Morning Post reported that a meeting with the hotels that offer quarantine services was cancelled. 

A sourced told Bloomberg that the top officials are “still discussing” to find the best option forward, following a scientific review of the city’s Covid-19 figures.

Officials have discussed about reducing the hotel quarantine from seven days to three, four, or five, the source added.

Travelers are anticipated to be urged to stay mostly at home, or to avoid venues considered to be high-risk, for an extra period that is expected to add up to the complete week.