Canadian hotel chain Rodd Hotels and Resorts has expanded its technology stack by adding Optii’s Preventive Maintenance solution from Optii Solutions, a US-based hotel operations software company.

Since the beginning of last year, Rodd Hotels and Resorts has been a customer of Optii, preferring Optii’s hotel operations solution for the hotel chain’s housekeeping, service and internal communications.

Optii’s Preventive Maintenance solution was launched last year.

The chain has adopted these solutions to address issues specific to its seasonal properties.

By leveraging Optii’s Preventive Maintenance, the hotel chain will benefit from time savings automation, gain better insights and have longer asset life.

Rodd Hotels & Resorts CFO Bobbi Lawlor-White said: “When realising that we needed a solution for our engineering and maintenance, the choice to go with Optii was simple.

“Our partnership with Optii has been extremely successful and positive. We have made numerous gains with their housekeeping, service and chat solutions.

“Not only has it increased our productivity and helped alleviate staffing challenges but I have also come to rely on Optii data for my budgeting process.

“We are really excited to extend similar benefits to our engineering department with Optii Preventative Maintenance.”

With this addition, Rodd Hotels and Resorts will now use Optii’s full suite of solutions to support its hotel operations.

The latest solution will aid properties to enforce maintenance standards as per the industry’s strong checklists feature.

Optii Solutions CEO Katherine Grass said: “When we set out to build Optii Preventative Maintenance, we knew we wanted to apply the same unique approach as we have with our housekeeping solution. We knew we couldn’t give them any less with Preventative Maintenance.

“Having forward-thinking operators such as Rodd Hotels and Resorts choose Optii for Preventative Maintenance gives me the confidence that we have succeeded.”