Hotelway Guest Care provides professional answering to messages and customer engagement service for hotel guests.

Not a ’Call Centre’

When hotel guest begins a chat conversation, our automated bot can provide the greeting within the seconds. Once the conversation goes further, the whole dialogue is seamlessly transferred to our Guest Care to a human agent. It will be answered within a minute, usually in 20s.

Our staff is professionally trained agents, who all have experience from hospitality industry. We know the uniqueness of the hotel business. We do our best to make sure the guests feel, they are chatting with your hotel staff, not with ‘another call centre’.


When we start a new project, the hotel receives a dedicated account manager. This manager stays a night in your hotel and observes the atmosphere and the habits of your staff. We will also establish the communication network and the process to acquire more information when necessary.

We have prepared a basic form of 150-200 questions for you to answer. These will help our bot and staff to give the answers to inquiries from gym opening hours, to selection of wines belonging to the room service menu. We will also study your webpages and other media to understand your business better. We even have links to city webcam to know what kind of weather is there right now.

If there is a question we cannot answer (e.g. is Late check-out available tomorrow), we will direct the conversation to your staff, or reply to the guest e.g. via email once we know the answer.


One of the most important things, is to sell more. We drive the guests to book their room directly from your booking engine. You may even give as a special promo codes to reward such guests. Statistics show, that direct booking can be increased even 36% with a professional chat service.

We intend to recommend also additional sales. Our pre-designed conversation patterns will ensure, that the guest is guided to the right direction. For example, if the guest wants to order champagne in the room; we will always ask, if they want, for example, a cheese platter with it – if that is what you prefer of course.


We will provide you with monthly reports about the traffic. In addition, we will inform you about the topics and conversations that have occurred, so you will be able to improve also your offline business.

Once per quarter we will have a meeting or telco together to make sure the quality you require is met and plan how we can improve further.