The expansion of Caesars Palace, in Las Vegas, US, cost over $1bn.
Octavius Tower forms the centerpiece of the Caesars Palace expansion. Construction of the Octavius Tower started in summer 2007 and was completed in September 2009.
The Octavius Tower will be the sister tower to the Augustus Tower, which opened in 2005.

In July 2007, Caesars Palace hotel and casino complex in Las Vegas, US, underwent a massive $1bn expansion programme.

The $375m Octavius Tower forms the centerpiece of the expansion and contains 665 rooms, increasing the hotel’s rooms to 4,013. The tower is located adjacent to the hotel’s new meeting and convention centre, which has a floor space of 263,000ft².

Construction of the tower started in summer 2007 and was completed in September 2009. Harrah’s Entertainment owns and operates the hotel.

Octavius Tower

The 23-storey Octavius Tower includes three villa suites on the second floor, overlooking the Garden of the Gods that surround an expanded outdoor whirlpool spa retreat, a poolside café and a garden wedding venue.

"The $375m Octavius Tower has 665 rooms, increasing Caesers Palace rooms to 4,013."

Due to a slump in market demand, construction of the tower was stalled in January 2009. While most exterior features of the tower are completed, the other guestrooms and suites were postponed until market demand was restored.

The room complement consists of 594 guestrooms (600ft² floorspace), 19 1.5 bay suites, 41 two and three-bay suites, four four-bay suites, three five-bay suites, one six-bay suite and three luxury pool villa suites.

The Octavius Tower is connected to the Augustus Tower, which opened in 2005, and will have a similar architectural design. The Octavius has a new registration lobby and VIP check-in lounge.

The Octavius Tower is located near the Caesars Palace hotel reception lobby and the VIP reception facilities.

Octavius accommodation

The Octavia Tower features three types of villa suites. The 8,500ft² French Villa, which bears the name Claudius, features four furnished bedrooms, a lounge and a billiard room.

The 8,170ft² Spanish Villa Marcus Aurelius has three bedrooms and features an 8ft bed covered with Anichini linens, a ten-seater dining table with leather-decorated chairs, a fireplace and a grand piano.

"The Octavius Tower is connected to the Augustus Tower."

The 9,930ft² Greek Villa has four bedrooms, a 1,380ft² terrace, a fireplace and a grand piano. Guestroom amenities include flat-screen televisions, bedside clock radios with iPod docking stations, marble bathrooms with dual-head showers, a whirlpool bath and bathroom television.

Floors 21, 22 and 23 offer only suites, with special key cards required for access.

On the second floor, the three pool villa suites are spread over an area of 10,000ft² and are connected by the Villa Promenade to the two existing pool villas. In September 2009, the three ultra luxurious suites were completed and the rooms were opened for guests.

The villas have a private butler service, state-of-the-art entertainment systems and private terraces.

New swimming pools

The Garden of the Gods was expanded to five acres and opened in March 2010. The resort’s three original swimming pools and surrounding decking were redesigned and completed in spring 2009.

The three pools that replaced the Apollo pool and outdoor spa were given an elevated aspect to set them apart from the Temple, Venus and Neptune pools.

Designed by Alard & Conversano, the Garden of the Gods includes five new swimming pools, an 18ft waterfall, new whirlpool spa retreat and an additional garden wedding venue.

Caesers Palace convention centre

"The Garden of the Gods was expanded to five acres."

The construction of the new convention centre was completed in July 2009. The 263,000ft² convention centre consists of 110,000ft² of flexible ballroom and boardrooms.

Two levels of the centre are attached to the palace tower.

Octavius Tower contractors

The tower interior was designed by Wilson & Associates. The construction team for the expansion project includes Marnell Architecture as the Executive Architect, Bergman Walls as the Architect of Record and the Marnell – Keating Joint Venture as the building contractor.