Wearable technology is an important theme for investigation worldwide. It is incredibly important as many industries digitalize that wearable tech is utilized and developed. In the healthcare and oil & gas industry, wearable tech has provided digital disruption, and now travel & tourism looks to make the most of this technology. 


This technology is still in its infancy pertaining to travel & tourism. Alongside the Internet of Things, it will be a big subject in the coming years. By investing in wearable technology, travel & tourism companies will be able to connect and engage with the consumer, strategizing for better marketing and sales by using location features to interact in real-time. 


Personalization will be the catalyst for the adoption of wearable tech initiatives in travel & tourism.


Smartwatch sales are set to reach $54bn by 2023, and hearables and smart clothes are developing more and more as time goes on. Use Wearable Tech in Travel & Tourism – Thematic Research to gather key intel about this new market and discover how you can utilize wearable tech in travel & tourism. 


Key highlights of this report include:


  • An overview of the effects and impacts of wearable tech in Travel & Tourism
  • Identify key trends in relation to wearable tech and look into technology, macroeconomics, and regulations
  • Explore real case studies observing current usage of wearable tech in tourism such as ‘Disney World’, ‘Princess Cruises’, and ‘easyJet’
  • Early adopters of wearable tech in tourism are identified such as Hilton and Universal Orlando


Discover the true potential of this new technology in the travel & tourism industry. Identify key areas for investment and understand how wearable tech can help your company find success. 


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