Lemi is the international reference point in the luxury segment for high-tech wellness thanks to
quality, Italian design and the reliability of its products. Nevertheless, the most crucial factor in order
to meet the needs of the market is to offer complete support in spa planning and spa design.

Therefore Lemi Group has finalised a series of operative instruments that sustain the work of
the planner, starting from the first phase of design. After a long brainstorming session between the
Lemi designers and the best beauty/spa specialists, a proper operative framework, for a design in
line with Profit Beauty & Spa Design, has been defined.

The objective of this framework is to provide precise space-distribution indications in order to
optimise the work of the cabin’s operator.
These indications vary based on the cabin’s purpose, the type of treatments to be performed, the
professional products to be used and the treatment tables and chairs selected for the space in
question. Because wherever emotionality and rationality are combined, profit design becomes the added
value as well as the unique management control parameter.
Two examples of layouts are given here. Other layouts are available after registration at the reserved area of Lemi’s website.

Sensorial suite for couples

Wet room. Tables: Aemotio Spa and Spa Dream. Intended use: body multi-treatment, wet treatment.

  1. Trolley
  2. Wash basin
  3. Mud-heater
  4. Linen closet
  5. Dressing area

The sensorial suite for couples cabin must allow for space on three sides for the Aemotio Spa, and
on four sides for the Spa Dream. Given the Aemotio Spa’s possibility for floor drainage, it is
recommended that it is positioned in line with the Spa Dream. At least 90cm of space must be available between the two equipments.

The equipment must be positioned on a single side of the cabin, while the wash basin must be
centrally positioned in order to facilitate its use during simultaneous treatments with both
equipments. The minimum space required is 4.80m x 3.60m.
Since wet treatments already provide for the rinsing of any applied products with water, the cabin does not have to be equipped with a shower, but only a dressing area.

Aesthetic spa manicure and spa pedicure

Wet room. Table: Pedi Spa. Intended use: spa manicure and spa pedicure treatments in a sensorial environment.

  1. Linen closet
  2. Lamp
  3. Trolley
  4. Wash basin
  5. Pedicure stool
  6. Dressing room

The Pedi Spa cabin must allow for increased space in proximity to the chair and to the working
area. Since the beautician has to work on three sides while sitting on the stool, about 70cm of
space must be available with respect to the position of the chair.

Since facial treatments are not foreseen, the space at the rear of the Pedi Spa shall not be utilised and may be significantly reduced. The stool makes up the working area. The equipment must be positioned on a single side of the cabin and, with respect to pedicure cabins, a linen closet is necessary. The minimum space required is 2.90m x 3.00m.