One of the most cutting-edge trends in the spa and beauty sector aims at using latest-generation technologies to give customers an intense multi-sensorial experience.

Lemi Group answer this demand is Aemotio Spa, the new frontier of wellness. With its elegant and attractive design, Aemotio Spa is a revolutionary spa table combining six different functions to perform new spa treatments with style and a unique design. The integration of various functions triples the yield of normal spa cabins.

Massage table with heated water mattress

The heated-water mattress has been created to perform body and face treatments as well as any kind of massages – even the strongest.

Its electrically-adjustable structure is perfect for choosing the right height for each treatment and offers the highest comfort to the client and the therapist.

Vichy shower

Vichy shower improves the performance of spa treatments such as mud-therapy and thalassotherapy by increasing the effectiveness of their active principles. It is also possible to carry out relaxing or draining massages under the rain according to the specific needs of clients.

Vichy Shower is a key element of thalassotherapy since the variation of water temperature stimulates blood circulation and tissue oxygenation. Moreover, all six jets situated under the horizontal bar are individually adjustable.

Full body treatments can be carried out as well as targeted massages, which influence the cosmetic and therapeutic effects of these treatments. Vichy shower is a unique water experience, positively stimulating the senses and cancelling stress.

Aromatic steam bath

Thanks to a functional disposable cloth you can create an isolated space to let clients enjoy a steam bath and relax. This is the ideal moment to improve the effectiveness of slimming and firming treatments. In order to increase the well-being sensation, you can also personalise the treatment by adding essential oils.


Five infrared lamps of 1500W offer the maximum comfort during every treatment, increasing the treatment effectiveness through heat, which reduces muscular tensions and helps the absorption of active principles. A 25-minute massage under infrared has the same effects of a normal 55-minute massage.

Colour therapy

Chromotherapy by Aemotio SPA will give you a unique holistic experience. You can create a relaxing, natural or energising atmosphere by choosing the most indicated colour.

Vibromassage with brush and water

This practical brush enables to perform targeted manual massages and can be combined with massage under the rain, steam, essential oils and chromotherapy in order to offer a wide range of treatments. It is extremely practical to rinse the client after each treatment.

Treatment example: Aemotio Thalasso

Average cost of treatment ranges from €80 to €100 for a 50-minute session and includes:

  • Chromotherapy
  • 5-minute Vichy shower all over the body at medium pressure
  • “Rain effect” Vichy shower and gentle touches to acclimatize the client
  • Sea salt body exfoliation under infrared
  • Seaweed body wrap and steam bath
  • Manual brush body massage
  • 5 minutes Vichy shower and rinsing