TouristOnline is one of the largest hotel online booking providers in Denmark and it has completed a two-way XML interface with eRevMax, to offer robust connectivity to its growing base of customers. The integration will help accommodation providers connected to the channel use eRevMax’s online distribution platforms, RateTiger and Connect, for updating inventory availability and room rates in real-time helping them control pricing strategies and optimise their revenue. TouristOnline will also benefit from eRevMax’s reservation delivery service, which facilitates automatic transfer of reservations data booked through their various hotel booking portals directly to the hotel management systems (CRS/PMS).

Following the two-way XML interface certification with eRevMax, TouristOnline will join the eRevMax channel ecosystem, whereby all hotel booking sites within the group gain access to broader inventory of hotel product, will see improved booking conversion on existing accounts and can realise increased revenues as part of its growth plans across Europe. Denmark is one of the most mature online travel markets, with online leisure and unmanaged business travel bookings comprising more than half of the total business. TouristOnline is a major online accommodation provider in Denmark offering 350,000 hotels and more than 50,000 holiday homes in Europe.

TouristOnline CEO Morten Krarup said: "We are glad to announce our partnership with eRevMax. RateTiger is the leading channel manager for our markets and our partnership will help us to grow our hotel network both in Scandinavia and in Europe. I’m sure that our hotel partners and customers will also benefit from it, as eRevMax is the first of all channel manager solutions to deliver the most up-to-date rates and availability to online travel agencies while reducing scope for over-bookings."

eRevMax International COO Greg Berman said: "This powerful and seamless integration will result in more efficient rate distribution, enhanced rate optimisation and the streamlining of all connections. Scandinavia is one of our growth regions. Partnership with TouristOnline will improve our portfolio, offering a diverse range of distributors through the eRevMax channel ecosystem. Hotels using our RateTiger channel management solution or our Connect enterprise platform can update a range of rates and numerous channels in one step, making them immediately available to customers of TouristOnline."

The new functionality is available now to all existing accommodation providers of TouristOnline. eRevMax is developing its connectivity solutions to offer sophisticated real-time revenue management functionality to the hospitality industry. This includes solutions for the independent market and scaling up through the tier one enterprise hotel groups. eRevMax’s channel eco-system facilitates quality certified connectivity and relationship management services to support complex revenue generation strategies.

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