Quadriga has announced the first in a series of new initiatives to drive revenue opportunities for its hotel customers with the introduction of an extended range of multi-day ‘special offer’ multiple service bundles for its Sensiq and Genesis platforms. This builds on the established success of Quadriga’s 24-hour combined internet and entertainment service special offer, which has been proven to stimulate new revenue generation.

Roger Taylor, CEO of Quadriga, said: "Key components of Quadriga’s offering to hotels are the provision of enabling technology that drives new revenue opportunities for hotels as well as flexible packages corresponding to guest demand and behaviour."

Initial deployment is focusing on a two-day bundle on the Genesis platform in addition to the existing proven 24-hour special offer which has been deployed for seven years. This new bundle enables hotels to market a choice of attractively priced combined service packages that mirrors the duration of the guest’s stay in the hotel. The result is a win-win situation, with additional revenues for the hotel as well as satisfied guests who feel they have received a good deal, benefiting from a superb choice of on-demand entertainment content and unlimited use of the internet service for a two-day period.

Multiple versions of the 24-hour special offer are already available on Quadriga’s established guest communication platform Sensiq, providing guest entertainment options with and without HD content. For those hotels with Sensiq or Genesis combined with an integrated internet service, the special offer bundle is also promoted on the hotel Internet landing page, ensuring a higher take-up of the service.

Taylor concluded: "Quadriga is in the unique position of being able to draw on the experience of a number of products in different segments of the market, to bring ‘best practice’ to all its customers. In addition to the current bundles on both our Sensiq and Genesis platforms, guest usage data from across our SmoovieTV estate demonstrates a proven track record of multi-day offers. The total revenue performance of the two-day bundle within the Genesis and Sensiq estate is currently being tracked versus sales of two separate 24-hour bundles to ensure maximum revenue efficiency. Initial results have been encouraging and we are continuing to monitor performance as we roll out to more sites. Quadriga also plans to roll out a series of new and varied bundle options across 2012 and is confident that these new initiatives will drive new guest revenue opportunities for its hotel customers."