Cityzenbooking, a leading online sales channel dedicated to serviced apartments, has become an eRevMax certified channel following the creation of a two-way XML interface. Cityzenbooking will be able to gain access to broader inventory supply, improve booking conversion and increase revenues as part of its growth plans across Europe.

The enhanced connectivity will help serviced-apartment providers update inventory availability and room rates in real-time while the system delivers reservations generated on Cityzenbooking through eRevMax’s RateTiger and Connect enterprise solution directly into the property management systems. This will significantly reduce time to update availability while ensuring all customer bookings are delivered accurately.

"Our partnership with eRevMax provides properties with an easy to use interface to manage rates and allotments distributed through our sales channel. Subscribers of RateTiger & Connect can now make their position on more profitable through this instant access and seeing as and when bookings are processed. This will help make the serviced-apartment arena more dynamic and provide a greater mix of products for travelers," said Jean-François Rame, CEO, Cityzenbooking.

"This powerful and seamless integration will result in more efficient rate distribution, enhanced rate optimization and the streamlining of all connections. With the direct XML connection between eRevMax and, hotels can update rates & inventories in real time. This will help them attain rate parity and optimise their revenue," said Greg Berman, COO, eRevMax International.

Cityzenbooking is now a certified channel within the eRevMax Channel Eco-System to deliver properties better and more sophisticated channel connections for room revenue and distribution strategies.

The new functionality is available now to all existing connected aparthotels.