"Acquiring new customers costs almost 8 times more than maintaining them. Scrigno helps me to find new customers and build loyalty through integrated tools to create effective marketing campaigns."

SCRIGNO doesn’t simply have a CRM module. It IS a CRM system, as it uses the information collected via PMS concerning the management of the guests (preferences, habits, production and demographic characteristics) for customer profiling in order to segment customers and marketing activities.

Through the use of a unique centralized database for all departments or all the hotels of the Company, CRM processes real-time data, allowing to plan effectively every marketing action: allows an accurate segmentation of customers, crossing several variables, and to realize marketing campaigns or prospect lists, feeding at the same time the personal profiles.

In fact the Marketing Automation function allows you to associate a list of customers addresses profiled from CRM to a specific campaign and possibly send a DEM (email campaign) thanks to the integrated email engine Scrigno MMAIL. Finally, it allows you to measure the conversion rate of your campaign.

Key features

Monitoring the results of promotional campaigns through registration into personal profile of each addressee of marketing initiatives and reservations generated by each campaign.

Possibility of using even external databases (loadable through excel spreadsheets) for their promotional campaigns.


OnlineConcierge offers to the customer a professional and personalized "welcome" since first email contact. The editorial service integrated on Scrigno automatically sends an email confirmation with a link to a web page containing all the useful information for the stay in hotel, such as:

  • Information on hotel services and promotions bookable directly through onlineconcierge
  • News about exhibitions and events available in the locations during the period of stay
  • Suggestions on the attractions of the area and information on public services in the city
  • A map with directions to the hotel

You can publish promotions and offers directly from PMS, making them bookable directly from OnlineConcierge.
Offers and services booked in this way are automatically included in the PMS and notified via email to relevant departments or to any external service provider.

The platform also offers the possibility to send greeting cards, promotions and offers, to process usage statistics and send automatically, after the guests’ stay, a questionnaire of customer satisfaction.


e-marketing is a robust and scalable email marketing platform, with thousands of customers around the world. It also supports text messaging and social media campaigns, all under one roof, all delivered as a SaaS solution. Entirely web-based , no software to be installed: you can use it with Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and with any PC or Mac. Messages are physically sent by the server platform.

Chances are, e-marketing has all the tools you need to plan and execute successful marketing campaigns that leverage email, text, and social messaging.

The strengths:

  • 01. Reliable even on high volumes
  • 02. Easy to use
  • 03. Complies with privacy policy
  • 04. Unlimited contact, unlimited email messages: FLAT FEE
  • 05. Configurable
  • 06. Customizable and flexible
  • 07. High-tech
  • 08. International
  • 09. Certificate: avoid spam filters
  • 10. Multichannel
  • 11. Integration with PMS – CMS – CRM – portals