A full-service provider of internet services and solutions for the hospitality industry Hotel Internet Services (HIS) launched BeyondTV GuestCast for personalised content streaming.

GuestCast is a cost-effective advanced casting solution that enables guests to securely cast a wide range of personalised content from their own devices onto guestroom televisions.

Compatible with more than 1,000 mobile-based apps, the solution offers a seamless installation and management process while ensuring ease-of-use for guests and providing complete protection for their privacy and personal data.

With BeyondTV GuestCast, hotel guests can instantly cast their own content from personal computers, iOS or Android-based devices. The solution also guarantees that guests’ sensitive data is never at risk of theft or unintentional sharing, due to GuestCast’s device isolation capabilities that prevent cross-room communication.

GuestCast is an enterprise-grade hospitality solution that offers the ability to operate on any internet network or guestroom television model. The solution is also integrated with a hotel’s free-to-guest system.

GuestCast further provides hoteliers with the ability to monitor system health and offers around-the-clock support, ensuring that guests remain fully satisfied with their experience throughout the duration of their stay.

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