Nevron is introducing the most convenient DEMO Kit of its hotel IP TV system for evaluation and promotional purposes. The Nevron IP TV DEMO Kit is composed of all the essential HW components and pre-installed and fully functional Nevron IP TV software components, pre-configured and pre-filled with video and other portal content.

It is compact, it is portable, it is cost affordable and it comes with all the functionality of an advanced hotel IP TV system.

Evaluation purposes

The Nevron IPTV DEMO Kit brings great added value for both Nevron distribution partners and end-clients. There are many providers of hotel IP TV systems, which makes system evaluation essential before purchase. Nevron has designed a DEMO Kit that allows the most convenient, fast and cost-effective evaluation of the Nevron IP TV system.

Evaluate Nevron IPTV products and be sure of their quality and efficiency.

Promotional purposes

In most cases, an IP TV system has to be presented to hotel managers before their decision can be made, and this presentation has to be done using a fully running IP TV system. Usually bulky hardware is carried around to perform this kind of presentation for the client or the client has to visit the provider’s offices. To eliminate both of these rather inconvenient methods, Nevron has constructed a system that is compact and can be carried around easily without losing any of the functionality of the Nevron IP TV technologies.

The DEMO Kit is a promotional tool that helps achieve the most successful sales results.

Training purposes

The Nevron IP TV DEMO Kit can also be used for training purposes for new sales and technical staff. New resellers usually don’t have the abilities to work on a fully functional IP TV system to introduce them to the system capabilities and advantages. Of course, all the information is provided to resellers for promotional and sales activities, but using and testing the system can make them really confident and persuasive about the Nevron IP TV system advantages.

The Nevron DEMO Kit represents the fastest and easiest way to familiarise yourself with Nevron’s IPTV technologies.

It is compact

The Nevron IP TV Demo Kit is not composed of bulky network servers. Nevron has managed to develop an IP TV system that can run on hardware incorporated in small computers such as mini PCs or net top boxes. This small HW server, set-top-box and remote control are all the hardware components needed for any evaluation, promotional or training purposes. In some cases, even the set-top-box alone is enough to present the most crucial IP TV system functionalities.

It is portable

As there are no bulky hardware components incorporated in the Nevron DEMO Kit; it can easily be carried around, even on flights. A presentation of the live IP TV system to prospective clients is of exceptional value to make a real impression on them.

It is cost affordable

With the elimination of bulky HW servers, the price of the DEMO Kit has dropped significantly. The price of the DEMO Kit no longer represents an obstacle to getting acquainted with IP TV products, whether for reselling purposes or for your own IP TV project needs.

It is fully functional

Even though all the Nevron IP TV software is installed on a small computer, the DEMO Kit comes with all the functionalities that are supported by Nevron technologies. Only in this way can the DEMO Kit bring a real added value before the purchase of Nevron’s fastest and most attractive and efficient IP TV system for hospitality clients.

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