Unikpools has been named supplier of the week by event management company 100@.

Gregory Van Loock, CEO: “Unikpools provides architects, pool designers and homeowners with high load-capacity movable floors. Our durable, high-quality and low maintenance pool floors enable to configure multipurpose swimming pools for a wide range of aquatic activities. Our movable floors are suitable for pools of any size, type and shape.”

Unikpools’ movable pool floors are compatible with a wide range of architectural finishes and flooring materials to complement any indoor or outdoor environment. Unikpool’s solution has an 8mm gap between the pool floor and walls in the raised position, which lowers maintenance costs by reducing dust contamination of your pool.

Unikpools offers a unique solution for a pool that can be made shallower or deeper whenever it is required.

An ultra-safe pool, even for young children or seniors, a pool that can handle a swimming lesson, a water-polo match or an aqua fitness class. That is
exactly what Unikpools delivers: a movable pool floor that can be raised and lowered on demand, transforming your pool into a multipurpose aquatic

Unikpools’ solution uses two intertwining stainless-steel bands to create a strong and stable column. This is installed in an upward movement and then disassembled during the downward movement to enable the smallest closed height and the highest load capacity in the industry.

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