The hotel sector is in the midst of a process of change to face the ‘new normal’. In order to face this new paradigm, it is essential to rely on solutions that allow hoteliers to guarantee the wellbeing of their customers and their staff. Only then, they will be able to provide a unique experience despite the circumstances.

Nowadays, the room is becoming the guests’ resting refuge and also a place where they spend more time than usual. As a consequence, the hotel has to pay special attention to the in-room experience at the same time that ensures a safe stay. Fortunately, hoteliers can count on advanced interactive solutions which meet these needs while providing added value to the guest.

Mobile hotel apps to provide a secure contactless experience

Mobile solutions like ZAFIRO Mobile allows hotels to transform processes up to now with contact, into a contactless experience. Thanks to features such as the online pre-check-in, the guest can streamline processes and avoid waiting times at the reception. Guests can even use their own devices as a digital key to open the room door.

Once in the room, they will be also able to use their own mobile devices as a TV remote control, book any hotel service or access to real-time information about cleanliness and capacity in common areas, further increasing their security.

IPTV as a key interactive technology for hotels

IPTV technology is also an efficient ally for hotels. Apart from offering a wide range of entertainment, such as TV channels, Hollywood movies or music, the TV can be the perfect way for the guest to purchase and book hotel services such as the room service or to access the most important information of the own hotel or city.

Moreover, with modular solutions such as ZAFIRO TV, hotels can choose those specific features that fit their real needs in order to get the most out of their in-room TVs.

Google Chromecast for hotels, a great fit for the industry

Hotel casting solutions are perfect to complement the guest experience. Why? Because they make guests feel at home thanks to the possibility of sharing their favourite content, such as series and movies, with the in-room TV.

Solutions such as ZAFIRO Cast acquires a significant value at this time since the reduction of capacity in the common areas or the limitation of certain types of activities make the room become the centre of the hotel experience. That is why being able to access their regular entertainment and content becomes a plus of satisfaction for the guests.

Efficient and secure Wi-Fi to improve the hotel connectivity service

In addition to a high-speed network, guests seek that their personal data and the searches carried out during their stay do not run the risk of being viewed by other users or by the next guest who occupies their room. That is the reason why solutions like ZAFIRO WiFi are important. Not only because it allows an optimal connectivity experience, but also because, thanks to its AAA Radius security protocol, it ensures that the guest’s data is totally private and gives the hotel the guarantee of complying with the GDPR.

Partners such as ZAFIRO by Entertainment Solutions help hotels not only to ensure a personalized and secure stay but also to provide unforgettable experiences. What is the ZAFIRO solution you need? Fill out the enquiry form on this page for more information.