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In-Room Entertainment Services, System Pilots and the Moto GP World Championship

Oberoi Hotels and Resorts

Entertainment Solutions has announced the company’s latest news for July.

Portal Hills Boutique Hotel with EAI In-Room System

Last May, the Portals Hills Boutique Hotel (Palma de Mallorca, Spain) opened for the first time to their special guests.

It is a luxury hotel with boutique, located on an island in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Portals Hills team has chosen Entertainment Solutions to optimise service to its guests, offering information of services through TV units.

Entertainment Solutions helps its customers to give the guest the necessary information at the right time via the TV.

Pilot at the Oberoi New Delhi

Oberoi Hotels and Resorts are known for their service, luxury and efficiency, with a presence in six countries under the luxury brand ‘Oberoi’ and the five-star ‘Trident’.

Entertainment Solutions is proud to announce that has been selected to install a mock-up room with an EAI In-Room System Pilot in the New Delhi property.

Entertainment Solutions at Moto GP World Championship

Entertainment Solutions is once again the official sponsor of the Moto GP World Championship.

The EAI In-room System is also installed in the truck hotels where the world best riders reside during race day.

Best of luck to all riders.

For more information, please contact Entertainment Solutions.

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