Occupying a prime location at the Hotelympia Exhibition held at London’s ExCeL arena, Corby was well-positioned to attract the attention of over 40,000 visitors over five days.

With over 1,000 exhibiting companies, there was a great atmosphere yet strong competition to leave a lasting impression with visitors. Corby held its own, commanding a real presence and creating an energy which inspired visitors to step on to the stand and to explore the product range.

Products of particular interest included the collection of ironing centres, safes and mini-bars. The exhibition also provided the ideal opportunity to gain additional direct information about the market.

The importance of heritage

It was clear that the Corby brand, as epitomised by the distinctive Corby trouser press, was recognised as being a long-established great British brand, offering both quality products and loyal service while maintaining excellent value.

To this extent, various customers felt such confidence in both the brand and the products that they had no hesitation in placing some very substantial orders.

Key products – wardrobe hanging ironing centres, safes and mini-bars

Key products which were brought to the focus by those who visited the stand included the Berkshire wardrobe hanging ironing centre, sales of which are now approaching parity with international sales of trouser presses, in addition to the range of safes, which created a real talking point particularly in relation to the incredibly low price points. The mini-bar collection provided another source of keen interest.

The Corby Spa range

The Corby Spa range, which saw its launch at the exhibition, also attracted much attention, with many people remarking how well presented and desirable the range was. Not only this, but the range stood up to close scrutiny from various industry professionals who praised the quality of the blend of ingredients.

An opportunity to meet the market

The exhibition provided an excellent opportunity to meet with ‘the market’ and to listen to the thoughts of existing and potential customers.

A great variety of visitors presented themselves, from purchasers for large, international organisations to family-run businesses just starting out in the hotel and hospitality industry. Some very promising leads were made with larger companies, but equally importantly, it was apparent that Corby was particularly well received by smaller, independent hotels and guest houses.

Speaking with such a diversity of consumers allowed the chance to reflect on the requirements, preferences and wishes of those working in the hospitality and related industries. Through this interaction some intriguing product suggestions were made which the company, through its in-house design team, is now looking into developing.
Ever keen to ensure that Corby products offer the most up-to-the-minute, cost-effective solutions, our design team were on hand ready to discuss any product-specific issues.

Design manager Lee Isherwood commented: “The exhibition was a good opportunity to talk directly to customers and listen to their thoughts and views. It gave them the chance to look at the quality of our products against our competitors, showing the level of value that we offer. Our products were well received and we look forward to introducing more products to the range. I felt that the customers appreciated Corby having a design team and felt assured we could fulfil their product requirements.”

“From walking around the show it was great to see the efforts made by some of the suppliers but unfortunate for the industry that there were no key leaders of innovation. I felt most of the products were the same and knowing that we have a company history of innovation, I feel confident that we are able to service the industry as innovators and create functional yet stylish products at excellent value to the customer,” he added.