As part of an extensive marketing effort Corby will be attending numerous exhibitions throughout 2010 and 2011. This year’s third exhibition attendance by Corby was the Hosfair Guangzhou International Hospitality Equipment and Supplies Fair, between 30 June and 2 July 2010.

The exhibition has established a very high profile among the global hotel and catering industry, providing a platform for Corby to present the brand and showcase its products to a multitude of key decision-makers, including suppliers and buyers from the global hospitality community. Aware of the success of 2009 with 1,600 exhibitors presenting and approximately 35,000 visitors attending, exhibiting at the eighth annual show was viewed as essential for Corby. Located in Guangzhou – the largest production, sales, import and export base for Chinese hospitality supplies – this provided the ideal forum for Corby to display its well-respected brand and products to an important and receptive audience. It also gave Corby the opportunity to be recognised on an international stage for its high quality and high service levels, while still delivering low costs to its customer base.

Hosfair also gave Corby the perfect chance to educate prospective clients about its full range of hospitality and amenity products. This exhibition has provided the ideal opportunity to show the industry that Corby is not just a brand famous for the ‘world’s favourite’ trouser press, but can also provide a whole host of great value and high-quality products for the international hotel and hospitality market.

With Corby currently celebrating its eightieth year, now is the perfect time to build upon new opportunities for the future and China is a vital area in creating many opportunities for growth and development.

A globally recognised brand

The exhibition proved to be a personal best for the brand, showcasing our latest products on our most successful exhibition stand yet.

The Corby stand commanded real presence and, very encouragingly, the Corby brand, as epitomised by the distinctive Corby trouser press, was recognised by many key international players as being a long-established and internationally respected brand, offering both quality products and loyal service while maintaining excellent value.

To this extent, various customers felt such confidence in both the brand and the products that they had no hesitation in investing their trust in Corby, placing some very substantial orders.


The quality and variety of Corby’s product range shone through, attracting an impressive selection of people from the international hotel industry. An overwhelming number of people were also impressed by the excellent value of the product range.

Visitors appreciated the extent of the international manufacturing and supply capabilities of the company, which has an equally powerful presence in both China and the UK. Corby was able to explain how the efficiencies of this supply chain translate directly to providing the end user with high-quality products at the best prices.

From investigating the amenity products of a variety of hotels, it was clear that even five-star establishments could have added additional credibility to their services by introducing stylish yet functional appliances into their rooms, such as kettles and hairdryers, in order to maintain a high standard and impeccable quality of service throughout.

With this in mind, Corby seized the opportunity to show exciting new products such as a solid wood, purpose-designed welcome tray which was positively received, recognised by buyers for large multinational organisations for its excellent design and superior quality.

And while it was encouraging that there is still very much a focus on the trouser press and ironing centre, both of which the international market view as unique and special, Corby is as keen as ever to keep pace with industry needs by continuing to develop and expand its product range. As a result of the exhibition, numerous exciting ideas have been generated in terms of future product development.

International relations

Now is an exciting time for wide and fast-paced growth and development not only in the Chinese hospitality market but also throughout the world.

Although at first instance the Chinese hospitality market would appear difficult to penetrate, Corby used the Hosfair Exhibition to take full advantage of its reputation, seizing the opportunity to forge key international relations. Many Chinese hotel amenities suppliers were interested in the Corby brand, with over six visitors very keen to negotiate an exclusive agency agreement in different provinces throughout China.

The exhibition also proved to be an unmissable opportunity to meet with the global market. Great international contacts were made with countries including Colombia, Venezuela and Panama – the Americas being a key strategic area for expansion – in addition to Nigeria, Thailand and Sri Lanka, among others. As a result Corby secured many new international customers and agents.

Great progress was made with the domestic Chinese market, the event used as a platform to build long-term relationships in the region, in addition to many opportunities being opened to Corby on an international level.

Looking to the future

The Hosfair Exhibition proved to be a truly successful event both in terms of building business relationships and in terms of assessing the needs of the hospitality market. This will enable Corby to continue to grow its brand and to continue to create innovative products which will provide up-to-the-minute hospitality solutions.