A CRM system is indispensable for hotels aiming to optimise their guest experience.

This system can be used for a two-fold objective: increasing profits and improving guest satisfaction. Since every hotel has its own character, only a personalised CRM package is suitable to achieve the optimum result. Guest Delight offers customised CRM systems for the hotel industry, a must-have tool for ambitious hoteliers.

CRM packages for the hotel industry

CRM packages can be an important pillar of the long-term strategy of hotels. After all, customer relationship management is a collective term for a group of tools and techniques that are specially designed to collect, process and analyse information about the guest. The main objective of this is to build loyalty, which is of great (distinctive) value within the hotel industry.

CRM package as a loyalty programme

A CRM package for hotels can be seen as a loyalty programme aimed at building a relationship with the guest at every stage of the visit. The objective hereof is to offer a guest an optimal experience at all times and to take a lead compared to the competition by doing so. In addition, a well-designed loyalty programme offers a greater chance that the guest will return for a repeat visit or recommend the hotel to acquaintances unsolicited. After all, many guests place a high value on personal service when visiting a hotel. Only then the guest feels really welcome during a hotel visit.

CRM systems enable hoteliers to better identify a guest, build a knowledge base and thereby improve the relationship with the guest. It offers opportunities to communicate more specifically with the guest and to provide them with appropriate information. Of course, knowledge about the guest offers ample opportunities to serve this person in a customized way. A lasting relationship with the guest is built, which offers opportunities to offer a personal service. This creates an unbridgeable lead in this important respect compared to other hotels.

Part of new information and communication technologies

The CRM system is fully in line with the rapid development of information and communication technologies available to a hotel. Every contact with the guest can be included and immediately analysed. Knowledge of the guest concerning the desired means of communication, interests, preferences in service provision or the desired payment methods are absolutely essential for building a lasting relationship, but also in the way in which the guest can best be approached from a marketing perspective. With the help of these segmentation criteria, a complete marketing calendar can even be compiled in which a guest is approached exactly as required and at the right time. This can be designed fully automated. Complete guest-related scripts can be compiled.

Optimisation of the productivity of all layers of the hotel

CMS systems can be used by different hotel staff with the main objective of optimising work processes. The use of one complete CRM package offers possibilities to combine data for which multiple systems had to be used in the past. A CMS system can be used by all departments of the hotel, so not only by the marketing department but also by the reception service, guest relations and supply chain. This naturally improves the efficiency of the processes.

Why a personalised CRM package is essential for hotels

CRM systems offer possibilities to collect knowledge about the guest using just one interface and to take appropriate action. For many hotels, such a system is no longer optional, but one of the most important tools for process optimisation. The use of a CRM package will have a positive influence on every hotel, provided it is applied in a personalised way. This is essential. Every hotel has its own character and is in a unique location.

Guest Delight develops personalised CRM packages for the hotel industry. The systems are fully designed based on the wishes and objectives of the hotel. Feel free to contact us to discover what we can do for your guests. We provide that important unforgettable impression on which the guest assesses a hotel.