Q&A with Roger El Khoury, managing partner at Neorcha

About the product

What is your new launch/product for this year?

Since launching in 2012, Neorcha has brought technological innovation to hospitality, with our industry-leading solutions enabling hotels of any size to deliver best-in-class customer service, through unique mobile platforms.

This year, Neorcha is focused on raising awareness of our myCheck-in and myHotel apps among independent hotels, which, when implemented at the same time, produces maximum benefits for hoteliers.

myCheck-in, is a mobile solution that provides a stress-free, fast and efficient check-in experience. While myHotel App, enables hotels to maximize their guests’ experience by providing access to a range of services including pre-arrival and pre-check-in arrangements, concierge services, destination information and express check-out.

Can you share more about this new product: details, specs, USPs?

Neorcha’s myCheck-in and myHotel mobile solutions seamlessly integrate with hotel CRM, PMS, CRS, and restaurant booking systems, and can be fully customized to unique hotel brand standards and guidelines.

With myCheck-in, guests can complete their online pre-check in and thereby reduce the need for queuing on arrival, printing of registration cards and establishment of guest folios. Importantly, myCheck-in ensures that all pre-arrival details are sent directly to the hotel, which then removes the need for hotel staff to stand behind the desk fulfilling administrative functions and instead gets them front-of-house, welcoming guests and enhancing their arrival experience. With myCheck-in, all guests can experience VIP treatment, because staff can access valuable guest data and provide an arrival experience based entirely on the guest’s known preferences.

Neorcha’s myHotel app gives hotel guests instant access to real time information, from the time they register and book their accommodation directly on the app, to their food and beverage, and entertainment options available to them, enabling guests to make the most of all the hotel facilities offered. This makes trip-planning easier than ever, with the main city attractions in each destination country featured. And the guest services module links hotel concierge services and systems with guests’ devices so they can conveniently order room service, book taxis, request in-room cleaning, and more. This USP gives guests the assurance that they’re getting the best rate, with real time booking integrated with the hotel’s central reservation system.

Furthermore, when combined with Beacon technology, the myHotel app enables hoteliers to revolutionize customer experiences and deliver best-in-class guest services through the ability to capture a guest’s attention, enable navigation within the hotel, entice guests to experience hotel services, customize hotel privileges and streamline operations processes, such as check-in and check-out.

This technology then enables guests, through their personal account and user profiles coupled with Geo location features and indoor Wi-Fi beacon technology, to access unique special offers and promotions, and receive automatic and manual targeted push promotions, based on a guests’ profile and location inside the hotel. Interactive maps and photo galleries further enrich the guests experience – before, during and after their stay – as well as access to secured chat, which enables guests to interact with hotel management through the ‘talk to a manager’ feature.

Why is this product so important for the hospitality industry, and why should they buy this product from you?

Increasingly, hoteliers require technology that will bring added value to their guests, while at the same time centralizing the benefits of multiple systems and services. This is where Neorcha offers strategic value to our partners, because our platform plays an integral role in providing integration services for the hotel’s operational systems, and putting those systems at guests’ fingertips.

Additionally, hoteliers need to take a customer-centric approach and personalize their offering to fit guest preferences. This can only be achieved through mobile technology, as it enables hotel staff to interact with guests, in real-time, each using their own devices. Even for independent hotels, guests will appreciate the added value they receive by downloading customized myCheck-in and myHotel apps and enjoying the benefits it provides – from the online discounts and check-in features, through to guest request functionality and personalized offers they will receive during their stay.

Neorcha are leaders in hospitality technology – delivering innovative solutions to both hotel chains and independent hotels. Neorcha’s team come from hospitality, and so they take great pride in offering strategic value to their partners, and delivering a customized soliton that integrates with existing operational systems and needs.

About the company

When was your company established, and how long has it been in the Middle East?

Inspired by the power of data, Neorcha, which was established in 2012 and opened its Dubai office in 2013, combines its mobile and hotel sector expertise with a commitment to understanding customers’ needs.

Neorcha works with a range of hotels across the Middle East and Europe including Rotana Hotels group, Rosewood Abu Dhabi, Gloria Hotel Dubai, City Premiere Hotel Apartments, One to One hotels and Rocco Forte Hotels, as well as with a number of restaurants including The Cellar in Qatar, Rodeo Grill in Abu Dhabi and Benihana in Dubai.

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