Since the 18th century, fabric has been used not only for fashion (clothing) but also in the interior industry; fabric on walls and as headboards are just a couple of examples. Its popularity has led to developments such as increasingly distinctive weave patterns.

Fabric walling is ideal for creating a cosy atmosphere with unique flair. Not only does the fabric walling add life to your hotel room but it also offers soundproofing qualities. Whether in your home, office, or entertainment room, fabric can be used in an antique or contemporary way to provide the desired effect.

The finish gives a sense of the design. Some people think that walling is old fashioned and doesn’t suit modern designs, but our popular invisible finish, called blind finish, gives a modern twist to your decoration. It is often mistaken for wallpaper. Your meeting rooms can be sumptuously decorated with fabric-covered walls, for soundproofing, while state-of-the-art private cinema walls can be stunningly padded, again to mitigate noise. Not only does it offer luxury; it also serves as thermal insulation which is an exceptional addition.

Quotes for fabric walling are available upon request and our showroom is open Monday-Friday 9.30am – 5.30pm.

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