Today’s hotel visitors expect fast, secure and multi-device compatible online connectivity and access to personalised content. Hospitality Wi-Fi services must evolve in order to meet the growing demand.

In today’s hospitality environment, Wi-Fi as an amenity is as important to guests as running water. According to USA Today, statistics indicate that 65% of hotel guests connect to Wi-Fi within seven minutes of arriving onsite. 

The global markets and interconnected culture are increasingly moving to online and digital platforms.

With consumers becoming accustomed to instant access to communication, services and information, industries such as the hospitality market have realised the importance of providing Wi-Fi services to their customers.

To ensure full satisfaction and not risk damaging a property’s or group’s reputation, hotels must understand today’s guests’ preferences when using a hotel’s internet services.

They must examine guest online behaviour and device preferences and adapt to meet the latest expectations.

Hotel Internet Services (HIS) is a leading provider of secure internet services, in-room entertainment systems and convention services for the hospitality, residential and commercial sectors.

HIS’ focus is on delivering the highest-quality equipment and services to casinos, hotels, resorts, military and student housing, timeshares, condos and a variety of other commercial ventures. The company currently provides solutions to more than 500 properties consisting of over 140,000 guestrooms.

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