Unikpools offers a unique high load-capacity movable floor solution that allows pools to be completely covered, made shallower or deeper at the press of a button.

An ultra-safe pool, that can handle an aqua fitness class in the morning and a cocktail party at night. That is exactly what Unikpools delivers: a movable pool floor that can be raised and lowered on demand, transforming your pool into a multipurpose leisure area.

The system is invisible and totally safe and secure when the floor is in the raised position, complying with all relevant national and international safety standards. The water depth can be set to any pre-selected height.

Beneath the movable pool floor, there is technology that has been trusted in the entertainment, aerospace and automotive industries for over 25 years, the Spiralift TM. Compact yet powerful, this stainless-steel lifting system is used by car manufacturers such as Ferrari, General Motors, Renault and Kia, and found in prestigious venues such as the Paris Philharmonic, London’s Royal Opera House and New York Carnegie Hall, as well as in flight simulators around the world.

With a movable pool floor, you can transform your environment exactly as you want, transforming your space into a swimming pool or an additional leisure area and back again at the click of a switch. Reconfigure your living and leisure space with the simple touch of a button. In minutes, Unikpools’ solution transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Unikpools’ solution is to use two intertwining stainless steel bands to create a strong and stable column. This is installed in an upward movement and then disassembled during the downward movement to enable the smallest closed height and the highest load capacity in the industry. Each column has a static load capacity of 2,000kg and all platforms are designed in regard to the building code of construction. (200kg/m² in a residential project and 500kg/m² in a commercial project)

Lifting components are in 316l stainless-steel and are self-locking. Each lifter is mechanically synchronised using drive shafts linked via wall drive shaft traverse conduit(s) to an external drive system itself located in an adjacent dry technical room. Lifting speed is between 100mm per minute and up to 300mm per minute if water circulation channels or grids are installed.

With over 70 projects already completed around the world, Unikpools is currently designing a 5mx10m movable floor to be installed on board a 90m+ megayacht at the end of 2020. A helipad platform for an explorer yacht, movable glass railings and much more in the yachting sector.

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