Independent awards optimisation programme Odynn has partnered with consumer fintech company Bilt Rewards to enable members to access real-time reward availability for all Hyatt and IHG hotels.

The Awayz platform is a live search tool for hotels through which users can compare cash and reward pricing for more than 30,000 properties.

Users can search for available reward nights by geographic location or exact hotel name and see how many points are required for their visits.

The collaboration between Odynn and Bilt Rewards aims to demystify the value of points and how consumers can redeem them.

Bilt members, who gain rewards through paying rent, will receive 50 hotel reward searches per month as an exclusive benefit of their membership. Once exhausted, Bilt members can subscribe to Awayz to gain additional searches.

Bilt vice-president Richard Kerr commented: “We will pave the way for a new era of travel experiences, where just by paying rent, our members can book unforgettable hotel stays.”

Odynn founder and CEO John Taylor Garner added: “We continue to pursue our goal of demystifying the reward space and providing transparency to a vast opaque market.”

GlobalData’s Travel and Tourism analysis finds that adjusting the value of loyalty points and rewards can ensure greater cash flow for hotels.