Energy distribution and safety

ABB’s offer of quality products and systems for safe electrical distribution ranks among the broadest of the sector. Our wide range of cabinets is the right place for all electrical components, which need to be installed easily and for a safe operation.

  • System pro E energy
  • Air and moulded case circuit breakers
  • Modular DIN-Rail products
  • ABB i-bus KNX

Orientation and safety in the dark

Busch-steplight® is a SCHUKO® socket outlet insert which has an integrated light for orientation. Two LEDs create a vertical cone of light, which shines downwards out of the socket outlet. The LEDs provide excellent orientation in hallways or staircases when it is dark.

Comfortable presence detection

With a range of up to 12 metres, the Busch-Presence detector KNX is the most efficient co-worker for light and climate control. The direct KNX connection uses its data for an extremely sensitive control. And as a pure detector with the integrated monitoring function, it unobtrusively cares for safety.

  • Busch-Presence detector mini premium KNX
  • Switch actuator

Escape route lighting and signalisation

Bright and uniform light distribution with 500cd/m², unique frameless legend design with click-lock assembly, versatile mounting options with First-Fix control gear and injection-moulded aluminium base construction.

Access control

ABB access control can be integrated with KNX installations and is perfectly adaptable not only to the needs of hotel industry operators but also to the hospitality sector in general (apartment hotels, B&Bs, holiday apartments, tourist farm accommodations and resorts).