Atomize uncovers growth opportunities in your hotel and predicts how to amend pricing strategies to optimise revenues.

Each suggestion can be revised and accepted or rejected according to the requirements of your hotel. Accepted actions will be applied automatically to your PMS and these can be automated once you fully trust our price recommendations.

Our smart features do everything ranging from price setting, demand forecasting to pricing group bookings. It is also Cloud-based and mobile ready, so it is accessible and easy to use on mobile devices.

What Atomize takes into consideration

  • Historical data and performance

Data such as reservations and group allocations collected from your PMS to reveal booking pace, cancelation rates, trends and much more

  • Competitors/Compset data

Atomize continuously monitor your chosen competitors for price and room availability changes

  • Search patterns and non-bookings

We analyse data from your online booking engine such as unique searched and non-booking that typically reveal opportunities on future demand

  • Local Holidays

Local holidays and typical demand for your country is considered automatically

  • Price hierarchy between room types

We price your room types dynamically and independently of each other, but we ensure that we never break any price hierarchy rules that you have

  • Effect on adjacent days

When we recommend a price change for a specific date, Atomize does also consider the effect it has on the days before and after