Whether it’s at the bar or in a canteen kitchen, the challenges in professional glass washing are extremely multi-faceted. The goal: to achieve perfect dishwashing result each and every time. Dishwashing specialist Winterhalter Gastronom offers a finely tuned, comprehensive system for achieving the perfect shine, without any polishing.

Not all glasses are the same

In order to achieve sparkling, hygienic dishwashing results without damaging the fragile materials, glasses require special treatment. Different dishwashing approaches are needed for delicate wine glasses and robust beer mugs, for example. Bearing this in mind, the glasswashing experts at Winterhalter have developed specialised equipment exclusively for glasses using special glasswashing programs, continuing to set the standard in the industry with ground-breaking technologies, such as the unique VarioPower dishwashing system with variable pressure control.

Four factors for perfect dishwashing results

The dishwashing machine is the basis for perfect results, but is no guarantee in its own right. Consequently, along with innovative dishwashers, Winterhalter also offers optimised water treatment systems, a range of highly effective, hygienic washing detergents and a comprehensive selection of glass racks. Because only a finely tuned combination of different components can guarantee outstanding dishwashing results without polishing.

A glasswashing machine to meet all needs

Winterhalter supplies glasswashing solutions designed to meet any and every need, ranging from compact undercounter dishwashing machines to high-performance pass-through and conveyor dishwashers.

The UC Series of glasswashers ensures the best possible dishwashing pressure, thanks to VarioPower variable pressure control. This allows delicate wine glasses to be washed gently, while robust beer mugs get a sound scrubbing. This results in brilliant, crystal-clear results and helps to avoid damage to the glassware.

With the optional ‘Cool version’, the machines are outfitted with a cold water rinse so the glasses come out of the machine cool and can be filled again immediately after washing.

Brilliant results without polishing

Along with the warewasher, the quality of the water has a decisive impact on dishwashing results. Depending on the quality, water can leave behind traces of limescale, and streaks and spots on the ware. Proper water treatment helps to achieve flawless washing results. Furthermore, it increases the effectiveness of detergents and rinse aids, enhancing hygiene and boosting the reliability of the equipment.

The ideal solution for glasswashing applications with the UC series is the new, compact RoMatik XS reverse osmosis unit. This highly compact device ensures outstanding water quality. RoMatik XS is perfect for use in bar areas and features excellent performance and reliability.

Licence to brightness

With Winterhalter glasswashing detergents, it’s a piece of cake to prevent glass corrosion and protect glass decorations, while thoroughly cleaning the glasses at the same time. Thanks to the highly effective ingredients, these detergents ensure a perfect shine and minimum consumption. Winterhalter rinse aids neutralise caustic residues and prevent residual limescale deposits on the ware. Special ingredients promote quick drying. If the combination of detergent and rinse aid is carefully selected for the ware and fine-tuned for the degree of soiling and the system, glasses are hygienically washed with a brilliant shine.

The perfect rack for every glass

Thanks to their open design and slanted glass positioning, Winterhalter glass racks are another factor that helps to achieve perfect washing results. The right rack ensures the best possible washing and drying results. Above and beyond that, glasses are protected against damage and last significantly longer. The height and diameter of racks made of plastic coated wire and plastic can be adjusted perfectly for a wide range of glass types.