Marriott International is set to implement IBM Cloud technology to offer improved IT operations and faster digital services to its web-savvy guests across more than 4,000 properties worldwide.

Using the SoftLayer infrastructure-as-a-service technology, Marriott plans to migrate a major part of its core IT systems and applications over the next few years to IBM’s open Cloud platform.

The technology claims to provide a flexible, scalable platform, which reduces the need for on-site IT support, as well as upgrades.

IBM Cloud technology will also enable faster deployment of new digital capabilities for the hotel.

In order to enable the development of ‘born on the Cloud’ capabilities using the Cloud solution, IBM will also provide Managed DevOps Services.

"IBM is enabling Marriott’s transformation and global expansion."

Marriott will deploy IBM analytics software as a service called Big Insights.

Marriott International global chief information officer Bruce Hoffmeister said: "Marriott continually transforms its technology to ensure we provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for guests throughout their entire stay.

"IBM Cloud provides the analytics to see early stage data patterns and the scale and flexibility to enable timely, innovative new services that will meet guests’ expectations in a predominantly digital world."

IBM Cloud senior vice-president Robert LeBlanc said: "Industry leaders stay ahead by moving to the next paradigm ahead of competitors.

"Through our powerful enterprise Cloud platform and ability to integrate it seamlessly with existing on-premises technology, IBM is enabling Marriott’s transformation and global expansion."

Image: Marriott International headquarters in Bethesda. Photo: courtesy of Coolcaesar.