Mood lighting

Lighting involves more than just switching the light on and off. Thanks to modern intelligent building technology, light can be designed and used to create moods. ABB offers one-of-a-kind versatility in lighting control with its integrated KNX intelligent building control system ensuring the well being of guests in the restaurant.

  • DALI Gateway with Emergency Lighting Control
  • Switch Actuator with Current Detection
  • Busch-Presence detector premium KNX

Optimal climate control

ABB i-bus KNX integrates the heating, air-conditioning and ventilation to a coherent and efficient climate control. Measured temperature values in the lobby are supplied to the heating and climate control to generate the optimum temperature and air quality.

  • Room temperature controller, fan coil with display
  • Fan coil actuator
  • Blower actuator
  • Air quality sensor

Shading control for optimal daylight usage

Sensor-controlled roller shutters, windows and blinds with sun position controlled louvres allow optimal lighting conditions and contribute to an improved climate control in the restaurant area.

  • Shutter Control Unit
  • Weather Station
  • Blind/Roller Shutter Actuator with Travel Detection

Energy measurement

Without measuring usage, it is hard to drive efficiency. Measuring an electrical installation can save effort and money. Energy meters for sub-metering and a circuit monitoring system for branch supervision enables the monitoring of energy usage.

  • Circuit Monitoring Systems
  • Electricity Meters
  • KNX Meter Interface Module

Energy distribution and safety

ABB’s offer of quality products and systems for safe electrical distribution ranks among the broadest of the sector. Our wide range of cabinets are the right place for all electrical components which need to be installed easily and for a safe operation.

  • System pro E energy
  • Air and moulded case circuit breakers
  • Modular DIN-Rail products
  • Industrial plugs and sockets for higher current delivery


Comfortable use of exclusive equipment – at a glance, with the minimum of touches. For the enjoyment of all networked functions in the suite – from dim the lights, regulate the room temperature and shading up to the video player, sound system or the Internet.

  • Busch-ComfortTouch®
  • Universal dimming actuator
  • Blind/Roller shutter actuator with travel detection

Accent lighting

Hotel restaurants must combine a stylish atmosphere with efficient processes. The Busch-iceLight® Ambience range with its different versions cares for a decorative lighting effect.

  • Ceiling module

Power supply for special applications

Whether you need a reliable power and light source on the ground floor inside the building, ABB offers a built-in product range for special applications. These robust devices are the right choice.

  • Industrial plugs and socket for higher current delivery

Escape route lighting and signalisation

Bright and unifrom light distribution with 500cd/m², unique frameless legend design with click-lock assembly, versatile mounting options with First-Fix control gear and injection moulded – aluminum base contruction

Reliable comfort technology

The Busch-Infoline® system is a reliable and easy to operate alarm system. The Busch-Infoline® recommends itself for special tasks, such as those suitable for the handicapped. In the event of an emergency the guest can trigger an alarm that is clearly indicated outside