Atmosphere on request

Lighting sets the scene and communicates emotions. Expressive compositions of several light sources will fascinate and inspire the guest. Modern building control allows you to put your establishment in the right light – intuitively and with effect.

  • KNX control element
  • Universal dimming actuator
  • Switch actuator

The perfect room climate

The right room environment is a key factor in making sure guests feel at home. ABB i-bus KNX understands the challenges of this task and controls heating, ventilation and air conditioning – individually, conveniently and energy-efficiently.

  • Room temperature controller
  • Fan coil actuator
  • Air quality sensor

Shading control at the touch of a button

Shutters and curtains protect guests from outside influences and protect their privacy. Modern building control ‘works with you’ and helps to automate daily routines, offering increased convenience for guests and reduced running costs for hotel operators.

  • Busch-priOn®
  • Blind/Roller shutter actuator with travel detection
  • Switch actuator

Energy distribution and safety

ABB’s offer of quality products and systems for safe electrical distribution ranks among the broadest of the sector. Our wide range of cabinets is the right place for all electrical components, which need to be installed easily and for a safe operation.

  • System pro E energy
  • Modular DIN-Rail products
  • ABB i-bus KNX


Comfortable use of exclusive equipment – at a glance, with the minimum of touches. For the enjoyment of all networked functions in the suite – from dim the lights, regulate the room temperature and shading up to the video player, sound system or the Internet.

  • Busch-ComfortTouch®
  • Universal dimming actuator
  • Blind/Roller shutter actuator with travel detection

Audio systems

With the multimedia technology, ABB offers excellent sound and uniform design throughout the entire suite. Wether Busch-Radio, loudspeaker with volume control for individual listening pleasure or complete sets – with ABB you can fit out the bathroom to a high standard.

  • Busch-iDock
  • Busch-Radio iNet
  • Loudspeaker

Comfortable presence detection

With a range of up to 12 metres, the Busch-Presence detector KNX is the most efficient co-worker for light and climate control. The direct KNX connection uses its data for an extremely sensitive control. And as a pure detector with the integrated monitoring function, it unobtrusively cares for safety.

  • Busch-Presence detector mini premium KNX
  • Switch actuator

Communication system

Guests expect optimum access to media and comprehensive use of it. ABB offers connections and combinations for almost every type of requirement. From USB charging and USB power adapter via network access and Internet connection up to connections for high-quality signals. Connection units are available in HDMI, USB and VGA.