supernova sts

The dnp Supernova STS Screen gives you a powerful and ultra-compact installation that is ideal for use in situations where space is limited, such as classrooms, small meeting rooms and living rooms. Optimised for ultra-short-throw-projectors, the screen gives you a cost-effective alternative to flat panels in the 80in to 100in range. Contrast levels are almost the same, but at a lower price point.

The outstanding performance of the dnp Supernova STS Screen is mainly due to the sophisticated six-layer lens structure. Equipped with a half-circular Fresnel lens, it reflects the light beams from the projector and sends them towards the viewers. For maximum utilisation of the ultra-short-throw-projector, resulting in minimal loss of brightness to the floor or to the ceiling.

Features of the Supernova STS:

  • Unique front-Fresnel technology
  • Best-in-class performance with ultra-short-throw projectors
  • Compact, space-saving installation design
  • Unrivalled front projection image-contrast
  • Great large size flat screen display value
  • Ready for interactive touch screen applications
  • Easy to clean
  • Maximum image size 100in 16:9
  • Optimised for 126% offset projection (all sizes and formats)
  • Optimal lens-throw-ratio of 0.23:1 for 16:9 projectors
  • Optimal lens-throw-ratio of 0.26:1 for 16:10 projectors