15 January

Globally, a grim milestone has been reached, with more than two million deaths attributed to Covid-19 barely a year after the first case was announced. The total confirmed cases of Covid have reached over 93,418,000 with 51,487,000 recoveries.

The US, India, and Brazil remain the top three most affected countries worldwide.

Within the US, California, Texas, and New York continue to experience the largest increases in daily confirmed cases at over 34,000, 27,000 and 14,000 new cases, respectively.

The positivity rate of testing within each state remains well over the threshold set by the WHO of <5% all tests coming back positive.

This indicates improvements could be made in the testing capacity of each state, in order to ensure sufficient testing is occurring relative to the size of the outbreak within each population.

Within the Hebei province, China has begun to build a new quarantine facility to handle the expected overflow of Covid-19 patients following Lunar New Year celebrations, traditionally one of the country’s most important festivals.

Despite relative containment of domestic spread of the virus, concerns are raised over the recent spike in terms of case numbers.

Ellie Sutcliffe, BSc, Senior Analyst and Associate Epidemiologist at GlobalData