19 November

Dean Baker, a senior economist at the Centre for Economic and Policy Research, re-tweeted on how nearly 12 million people in the US will lose federal unemployment benefits if lawmakers are unable to agree on a second coronavirus relief package.

The onset of the virus saw the Congress spring to action with new unemployment programmes and boosted benefits worth $600 per week.

However, lawmakers assumed the pandemic to be in control in a few months, with the extra stimulus having exhausted in July.

Additionally, the unemployment aid is due to end despite rising infections in the country, the article noted.

Approximately seven million gig workers and Uber drivers under no payroll benefits, are expected to lose the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance benefits extended by the Congress, as suggested by the Century Foundation that has been tracking unemployment claims during the pandemic.

An additional 4.6 million workers are also expected to lose the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation extended to those who had lost jobs for an indefinite period, the article highlighted.

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