HH LUX is proud to have delivered one of its latest lamp designs to a new restaurant in Hobro. The owner of the restaurant has made a renovation of an old restaurant and needed some lamps in the big windows.

We delivered a good and quality solution. The lamps are in the sunlight for many hours, so we made a durable special solution with the lampshades.

Our lamps are designed by ourselves and handcrafted in our own workshop in Denmark.

Each product remains unique because we have a combination of craftsmanship and work with selected natural materials. At the same time, in projects like these, we also make very customised solutions.

The lamps, which are in beautifully polished and green marble, have a black, large lampshade and are in a material that can last for the many hours in the window with sunlight. This makes the lampshade not fade so easily.

“We are satisfied with this solution and think the lamps fit really well into the rest of the nordic style in the restaurant,” says Claus.

In addition to being a local supplier of lamps for Hobro Theater Restaurant, we have also supplied custom candlesticks for Restaurant Independent and the reception at Hotel Amerika.

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