A team of experts from the UAE is set to assist and support the development of the hospitality sector and hotel business in Uzbekistan.

According to local news reports, a special memorandum of cooperation was signed between the State Committee for Tourism Development in Uzbekistan, the Association of Hoteliers of Uzbekistan and ATECA Holding to enable the development.

Specifically, the trilateral agreement will facilitate investment and support the introduction of new technologies in the hotel sector of Uzbekistan.

The collaboration will also help in enhancing the classification system of hotels in compliance with international standards.

Additionally, the parties agreed to conduct training to improve the skills of the people associated with the industry.

Uzbekistan Deputy Prime Minister Aziz A. Abdukhakimov was quoted as saying: “Today, the hotel business in Uzbekistan is successfully gaining momentum growing by 15-20% annually.

“However, while the current situation has exposed many challenges of the hotel industry, it has also helped to determine further ways of its development. We believe the solution to overcome the crisis is to cooperate with international experts primarily those from the UAE hotel industry.”

ATECA Holding chairman Michel Noblet stated: “With a resilient economy and strong tourism potential, Uzbekistan is well placed to achieve its objectives once the crisis begins to abate and at ATECA we are committed to work hand in hand with the local authorities to develop world-class systems and solutions.”