The UK government has announced new restrictions for travellers to the country in response to the rising cases of novel coronavirus.

To start from 15 February, the restrictions will require people travelling to the UK from countries on its travel ban list to quarantine in a government-approved hotel facility for ten days.

Meanwhile, the UK’s Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has specified hotels near ports and airports for proposals on how they can support the delivery of Managed Quarantine Facilities ahead of formal contracts being awarded.

The government officials met with stakeholders from the aviation, maritime, hotel and hospitality industries to finalise plans for the implementation of restrictions from 15 February.

The Health and Social Care Secretary will be responsible to oversee the mandatory quarantine and to improve testing, which will help tackle the threats of new variants of Covid-19.

The secretary will also lead the new Cabinet sub-committee, working closely with former Vice Chief of Defence Staff, General Sir Gordon Messenger, on government rollout

Additionally, DHSC has met more than 60 companies and industry representatives to ensure both public and private sector work together to reduce the transmissions of Covid-19.

DHSC spokesperson said: “Throughout the pandemic, the government has put in place proportionate measures, informed by the advice of scientists, and that has led to some of the toughest border regimes in the world.

“It is currently illegal to go on holiday, and passengers travelling to the UK must provide proof of a negative test before they travel, and self-isolate on arrival.

“With increased police presence at airports and more physical checks at addresses to make sure people are self-isolating, we are taking decisive action.”